Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Octinct Package

Missing until now has been pieces of the Octinct puzzle, my control shield along with Jonathan's graciously allowing the buttonpads to be open sourced in an arduinome/monome style license.

Without further adieu my control shield:
Other Octinct files by Guberman:
Other Octinct files by Devon Jones:
  • Octinct Python Router (much faster and efficient, also has much improved and commented version of firmware, however i have not tested the hardware with it myself.)
I should add,

I'm using the older firmware and the old processing router in my examples.

The updated firmware and python router are much much better, the newer firmware has wonderful commenting. The firmware in the 'old' folder on evilsoft's site, and the 'old' firmware I'm using differ in a few ways:
  1. The port manipulation for the transistor bases have had some ports changed due to a mistake when creating the shield, i was assuming the analog ports were numbered incrementally and not decrementally, so I modified the firmware to account for this.
  2. The led remap has been changed
If you try migrating to the newer firmware which you should, you will most likely have to repeat these changes.

The Octinct is free for non-commercial purposes, with the understanding that you will have the pcb's made domestically wherever that may be in the spirit of monome.org

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